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Approximately 90% of the dogs and puppies we save have no easily identifiable breed history (They don’t carry their ID card ) We use many ways to help identify the breed mixes they may be i.e. size, temperament, appearance, special characteristics. However, on the streets of San Antonio many, many, many dogs wander around unaltered, so the possibilities are literally endless…

We will give you our best estimate of what their breed mix is as well as their own individual characteristics and what we feel their approximate size and weight will be when grown.

Our adoption counselors will review the information you provide to ensure a successful match, making each home the best home possible. They want to make your rescue and adoption a fun, family friendly and positive experience. They really want you to fall in love!

Thank you for understanding, AND THANK YOU for adopting!!!

WE couldn’t do this without YOU!

  • Please Choose Your Regional Location:

  • (Organization fostering the pet) - Find in Petfinder's pet profile.
  • Please include spouse/partner or any potential co-owner.
  • Please use the address to which we should reply and confirm (Primary email Address)
  • Cell, work, spouse/partner's etc. Separate by commas and indicate user's name. Example: Jane's cell 360 978-2122, Jane's work 360 978-2000
  • Business, spouse/partner's etc. (possible back up contact) Separate by commas and indicate user's name. Example: Jane at work -, John -
  • Household Information

    Number of people living in the home.
  • (Including self)
  • Example: 2 boys - ages 6 & 9, 1 girl - age 12
  • Current Pet Info:

    Include how many of each kind (dog, cat, bird etc.), what breed (if important), gender and age animals live in the home?
  • Example: 1 female tabby cat - age 6, 1 lizard, 1 male beagle mix dog - age 9, 2 goldfish, etc.
  • Avg. number of hours per day
  • References

    Please supply two references that are not relatives, and a third one if you have not included a veterinarian above (separated by commas)
  • Example: John Smith, friend, 360 978-2222 / Jane Doe....
  • Microchipping Info

    Your dog will come with the microchip implanted already and the tag/microchip number attached to the vet paperwork. Please call the number/go to the website on the tag to put your information into their database. Until you do that, your dog is still registered to Texas!!
  • Identification Tags

    Put the rabies tag, microchip tag and a tag you can purchase at any Petsmart/Walmart (with your dog’s name & your contact information) onto their new collar immediately! Then if the dog gets scared/bolts soon after adoption, ALL your contact information is there and the finder can contact you quickly!!! Thank you.
  • Dog(s) Name\s
  • Please read and check each of the following to acknowledge.

  • I agree to take adult dogs to the vet within 30 days OR puppies within 1-2 weeks of adoption and will continue heartworm & flea prevention and /or well care.
  • I agree to foster this dog if there is any reason the dog is not adjusting well. I agree to foster until the dog can be rehomed and to contact Your TX Rescue Connection immediately with this issue.
  • I agree to release rescue organization from liability for this animal\'s care and behavior once I adopt and receive the dog/puppy.
  • I agree that this is a rescue dog, and most likely a stray. Therefore I understand that the rescue has no knowledge of the dog’s abilities beyond our experience with the dog in our foster homes. I also understand that the dog comes with limited medical history.
  • I agree to pay the adoption fee immediately unless other terms are agreed upon. Payment is to be made to the (Rescue) appropriate Paypal address.
  • If you cancel adoption and transport is already in route, Rescue will refund a portion of the adoption fee only – not the transport fee, which is determined by transport not rescue.
  • If you cancel adoption within 24 hours prior to transport a fee of $100 will be retained by rescue due to potential loss of qualified adopter.
  • Transport will be arranged by Rescue and communication will be continued with your adoption counselor when the dogs are on their way to you!!
  • Submit

    Please Note
    By completing and submitting this digital form, you agree to be bound by the terms stated above.
  • Cities/Pick Up locations will be chosen based on the location of adopters on each individual trip. Please choose the state you will be able to pick up in and we will let you know (the weekend before transport) the city/location for Pick Up.

    Several states in the NE require special measures to deliver to them. If you live in MA, RI, or VT, choose “Special Pick Up Arrangement Required” and we will work with you to find the best location possible.
  • You MUST Choose a Pick-Up Location Here


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