Board & Coordinators

We have a mighty group of volunteers to help at God’s Dogs Rescue. Please feel free to contact any of these people with any concerns or questions you may have – we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can!

Debbie Davis, God's Dogs Rescue

Board Members:

  • Founder and President – Juli Marchbanks – Send Mail 
  • Vice President – Ray Weger – Send Mail 
  • Secretary – Sarah Garfield Read – Send Mail 
  • Treasurer and Transport Coordinator – Debbie Davis – Send Mail 

Other Contacts:

  • Foster Coordinator – April Amen – Send Mail 
  • Adoption Coordinator – Terry Hensley –Send Mail 
  • Social Media Director and Web Coordinator – Rachel Cannady – Send Mail 

Juli Marchbanks, Founder and President. Rescuing since 1995. Married with two adult children and one grandbaby.

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