Our Team

Board of Directors

Juli Marchbanks

Founder and CEO
  • Get to Know Juli Marchbanks

  • Ray Weger

    Vice President
  • Get to Know Ray Weger

  • Debbie Davis

    Chief of Operations
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  • Jill Bartlett

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  • Rev. Cailen Heaton

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  • Staff

    Rale Gonyon

    Homebase Front Lead
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  • Lexi Christie

    Vet Technician
  • Get to Know Lexi Christie

  • Rose Penhollow

    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Get to Know Rose Penhollow

  • Rachel Cannady

    Social Media Director and Web Coordinator
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  • Lindsey Ledoux

    Social Media Administrator
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  • Theresa Gummow

    Homebase Back Lead
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  • April Amen

    Foster Coordinator
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  • Lylinda DiMaio

    Foster Coordinator

    Kera Ward

    Adoption Coordinator

    Jo Caetano

    Event Coordinator
  • Get to Know Jo Caetano

  • Leah Wear

    Homebase Office Manager
  • Get to Know Leah Wear