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Domestic Shorthair




1 Year and 8 Months old


Introducing Leo, the charming male cat with a striking Ebony/White Tabby coat. This Domestic Shorthair feline is as handsome as can be!

Leo has a super soft coat that's simply irresistible to touch. Leo has a strong, almost dominant personality, a trait developed from living his first 6 months on the streets fending for himself.

He would likely thrive in a young cat household. He does enjoy playing and running with other kitties, but for older cats he may play a bit rough sometimes. He doesn't mind dogs, but more often will ignore them.

He would do best with an experienced cat family, because he does put up a front of being a bit of a grump. He frequently swipes at our hands and sometimes spits, which is Leo's playfulness that could be mistaken for aggression. He sleeps very peacefully and adorably, and that is the best time to give him the affection and pets he wants.

This cat can only be adopted in the state of Texas and has an adoption fee of $100.


Adoptable in Texas Only

Good with Cats

Good with Dogs


Litter Box Trained


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To adopt we require… all pets are indoor animals, current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered unless medical reason why and dogs on heartworm prevention.


Adults are $200 and under a year is $250 in Texas.

Out of state adoptions are $400 – $500.

(Specialty breeds could have higher adoption fees)

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