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Domestic Shorthair




9 Months old

Meet Maxine, a resilient cat who faced a challenging start in life, but with the support of her foster mom, she transformed into a wonderful feline friend.

Max's early days were tough, but her foster mom showered her with love and care, turning her life around and providing a warm and nurturing environment.

Possessing the typical independent nature of cats, Max displayed a mind of her own, exploring her surroundings with curiosity and a hint of mischief.

Despite her independent streak, Max had a sweet side, surprising everyone by transforming into a snuggle bug when the mood struck, showcasing her affectionate and loving nature.

Max's journey from a rough beginning to a delightful and loving cat is a testament to the transformative power of care and compassion in the lives of our furry friends.

This cat can only be adopted in the state of Texas and has an adoption fee of $150.


Adoptable in Texas Only


Good with Cats

Good with Dogs


Litter Box Trained


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To adopt we require… all pets are indoor animals, current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered unless medical reason why and dogs on heartworm prevention.


Adults are $200 and under a year is $250 in Texas.

Out of state adoptions are $400 – $500.

(Specialty breeds could have higher adoption fees)

Something to Consider:

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  • Cats/kittens in shelters across the US have outnumbered dogs for the first time in 20 years.