Aries CS/JuM*


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Shepherd, German / Mixed Breed (Large)




3 Years and 3 Months old

Greetings, mortals! I am Aries, a majestic male dog with a powerful spirit that rivals the might of the gods themselves. My lineage is a fusion of strength and courage, much like the mythical Greek warriors of old. As a German Shepherd mix, I bear the mantle of both protector and loyal companion, ready to embark on epic adventures by your side.

Behold, my most distinctive feature: my big, floppy ears that listen keenly to the whispers of the wind and the secrets of the world around me. They stand as a testament to my unwavering vigilance, always attuned to the slightest rustle or sign of danger.

Like the fiery ram that represents my namesake constellation, I possess boundless energy and a fiery spirit. With every step I take, I channel the might of the heavens, exuding the strength and grace befitting of a true Greek hero. My paws tread the earth with purpose, and my heart beats with the fervor of an ancient battle cry.

But fear not, for beneath my divine exterior lies a heart overflowing with affection. I am not just a warrior; I am a loyal and loving companion. Together, we shall conquer every challenge and forge an unbreakable bond that even the gods would envy.

So, dear mortal, if you seek a canine ally who embodies the essence of a Greek legend, look no further. I, Aries, the German Shepherd mix with big floppy ears, am here to join you on a quest of a lifetime. Let us create a mythic tale of companionship and courage that will be sung by bards for generations to come.

Local adoption fee is $200 (in TX)
Out of state adoption fee is $400 (includes transport to your area - $50 Temporary Fuel Charge will be added)


Crate Trained

Good with Children

Good with Dogs


Know the breed

Needs Active Lifestyle

Older children only

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To adopt we require… all pets are indoor animals, current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered unless medical reason why and dogs on heartworm prevention.


Adults are $200 and under a year is $250 in Texas.

Out of state adoptions are $400 – $500.

(Specialty breeds could have higher adoption fees)

Something to Consider:

  • Puppies don't train themselves

    If you aren’t willing to train a puppy every single day, don’t get a puppy! It isn’t a one-shot deal. You have to be dedicated. And if you aren’t making progress – find someone who can help. Enroll in a puppy training class or hire a trainer. Most cities across the nation have some sort of availability for this kind of help and at different cost levels that would fit your budget.


    Puppies are going to poop a lot and pee even more; chew on everything; bite everyone; scratch people and furniture; steal things; destroy something at some point; pull on the leash; not move at all on the leash; bark; cry; beg for attention; and the list goes on. You’re going to have to walk them, bathe them, pick up everything below waist height, buy new shoes, and most importantly: TRAIN THE PUPPY NOT TO DO THESE THINGS! Ultimately, it is your responsibility to teach your puppy that this behavior is unacceptable.

  • Puppies turn into dogs...