We cannot rescue and save dogs without our fosters. In 2016, our fostering family grew to over 50 homes – which has been such a blessing! By fostering, you can help make a difference in the life of dog or puppy. There are foster opportunities – from a short-term basis (2 – 3 weeks) to long-term (up to several months).

We supply all our foster families with the bedding, crates, food, and vetting that the puppy or dog will need. We need you to supply the love and guidance that is so desperately needed. Foster families are needed for the following situations:

Bottle Baby

  • Bottle babies – sometimes we get babies who have lost their mamas, or their mamas are too ill nurse. This is an around-the-clock kind of foster situation. Bottle babies are usually fostered in this capacity for a couple of weeks to a month until they are healthy enough to eat gruel (see below).
  • Gruel babies – once bottle babies are off the bottle, they need a nice mixture of wet food (what we call gruel) to help them continue growing. This stage is usually a couple weeks until they can be transferred to more solid food.

    Medical Foster

  • Puppies – any dog under a year old is considered a puppy. So the puppy might be 3 months old, or a teenager at 6 months old – don’t worry, we have all sizes and types if puppies from which to choose.
  • Adult – any dog older than a year is an adult. These dogs might have been rescued from a variety of bad situations or they just weren’t adopted when they were cute and young. All are deserving of some love!
  • Senior – we get seniors in our rescue for a variety of reasons. This population moves a little slower and might need a little extra love and softer cushions to help make them more comfortable.
  • Medical – some dogs are rescued from either the streets or the pound or from a bad situation. Medical fosters are important to help the healing continue for an illness or injury and be committed to maybe taking the dog or puppy to out veterinary clinic a little more. (Note that you will be given all medicines, wraps, etc., that are needed for the dog or puppy and you will not be charged for the vet visits).
  • Temporary – sometimes we just need a foster for a temporary, couple days to a week or so. There are a variety of situations where a temporary foster is needed, so if you don’t have much time, that is OK! We have a foster situation here that might be perfect for you.

If you feel a calling to help in this way, please fill out a Foster Application and we will be happy to get with you as soon as we can!

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