We have been transporting lucky adopted dogs and puppies all over the country since 2014. We are proud to have been able to save over 7,000 of our own dogs AND to help other rescues save thousands more!! 

We have two Ford Transit vans that allow our drivers to closely monitor our travel buddies throughout the entire trip. We are able to transport 30-35 dogs and puppies weekly all over the country!

Our transport fees are reasonable and affordable for rescues. We strive to make our transport as safe and happy as possible for ALL our passengers.

All of our attention to the dogs comes from our experience as both RESCUERS and TRANSPORTERS. We understand both sides of the coin and ultimately we understand what is best for our passengers!

As we grow we are thankful to God and our teams for doing what it takes week in and week out to make this successful for the dogs.... Don't you want to come along for the ride???

Our Scheduled Trips

We transport monthly to the NE and the NW, and work with other transport companies to assure you get your new family member is a timely manner!

Please CONTACT US for information on price, times/dates, etc… Contact Us Via Email

If you are arranging transport for your Adoptee:

It is imperative that you are available for transport pick up during the entire weekend of your new pet’s transport, in case an emergency arises on transport and it is delayed for any reason. Our transport team works tirelessly to make sure all issues are avoided, but if not, we will communicate them to you as quickly as possible, this includes any traffic delays or mechanical issues.

We ask that you, or your designated person, be at the pre-determined pick up location on the day of your dog’s arrival, at least 30 minutes early. If you are running late or are sending someone in your place, please let us know ahead of time. Once you arrive at the pick-up location, look for other excited pet parents!!

We are unable to send much “luggage” with our dogs, so bring a collar and leash with you (PLEASE purchase a SLIP LEASH– MUCH safer for your new dog) for your new buddy. You will receive vet paperwork and tags for the collar in their medical paperwork, on arrival. PLACE THE TAGS ON THE COLLAR AND THE COLLAR ON YOUR DOG IMMEDIATELY!

We recommend that you first take your new pup/dog for a long walk (using the SLIP-LEASH) before getting into the car for the trip home. They will be tired and nervous and will need to expend some energy and smell their new home state!!

We ask that you remember – No animal is perfect. The transport in itself can be very stressful for some dogs/pups, so please understand that your new pet may need time to adjust, both physically and emotionally. Diarrhea, low appetite or fearfulness are just a few of the signs of stress your new pet may show. Be patient, they will adjust and love you until the day they die! It doesn’t get much better than that!



Transport Reservations

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